5 Plumbing DIY Tips

5 DIY Plumbing Tips

Here we list 5 quick DIY plumbing tips to help you when faced with typical problems related to plumbing and all things water related.

Plug Unblocking

How often do you pull the plug on the bath or sink, and sit there watching it slowly trickle away?

Have you then gone and got a coat hanger or screwdriver and tried to push down whatever is stopping the flow?

Have you gone out and bought a chemical solution that promises to work within x amount of hours?

drain cleanerWhy are you spending a lot of money for chemicals when in fact you can get a simple tool like the one shown here which costs very little and is sitting in your tool box waiting to be used instead of you making a special trip to buy.

The featured here is available from B&Q but you will also get it at most DIY stores.

Drips in the Bathroom

So you are lying there in the bath, its been a hard day and you need some R&R, so a hot bath to ease the aching bones, peace and quiet.  Its so quiet though that you can hear that drip drip very loudly.  After some minutes, its starting to annoy you.

Ok, so you decide to check and then start worrying you have a major leak.


More often than not, its a simple case of replacing a couple of items – usually washers.  Like all things, they have a natural shelf life and will eventually warp and let water through.

Simply head to your local DIY store, pick up a variety of sizes then head to your bathroom and replace.



Weak flow?


All of which annoy.  So check your shower head first of all – see if it needs descaling.  Could be that you have hard water and it simply needs cleaning or maybe it needs a new head? Or what about the pipe – does it need re-affixing within the casing?

Check them out before thinking of spending a major amount of money replacing.

Scruffy Marks?

So you have fixed a leak using one of those wonderful compounds that leaves a sticky, greasy mess that is very hard to shift.

Use tape instead.

You can buy sticking tape for sealing joints that will expand once fitted and actually work better than the sticky messy compounds.

Its slightly fiddly and takes slightly longer to fit, but I know which one I would prefer to use, and also not clean up after.

Solid Joints?

Unable to loosen stiff joints on your water/heating pipes?

Need Mr Universe to do it?

Ok, so think back to school days and in your science classes – what did the teacher tell you about heat?

Yep! You remembered – heat expands.

So, wrap/guard everything thats slightly flammable, and get a good old blow torch on it.  This heat will loosen that reinforced joint you did as you didn’t think anything would go wrong with it.

Just be careful both with your body parts and the area around you – a trip to A&E defeats the object of DIY.

We hope these tips prove useful!